Happy Cook…

So I listen to this podcast called Pop Culture Happy Hour (if you’re a podcast lover and haven’t heard this one, I invite you to do so), and they have this segment at the end called “What’s Making Us Happy”. They go around the table (I imagine they’re sitting around a table) and say what’s making them happy that particular week. I love it for many different reasons:

  1. I usually hear about something I want to know more about (a book, an author, a TV series)…
  2. I happily surprised when they agree with something that’s been making me happy recently (Finding out I have things in common with people I don’t even know always makes me happy. I know, you might think this should be obvious: so many people in the world, of course I would have something in common with others. Yet, it still doesn’t cease to amaze me and I love that I am filled with joy with something so common and ordinary).
  3. Reflecting on our lives, particularly the good parts always multiplies the joy. So, I’m all for that.

Which brings me to my blog: I too shall be adapting a “What Makes Me Happy” post. It shall take place on a Friday and I hope will facilitate my regular blogging (I haven’t been that great up to now, but have gotten further along than I usually do).

So, in the efforts to keep this post brief: the thing that has been making me happy this week is… my tipping my toes into cooking! I never imagined I would ever say “I like cooking”. Thank you Buzz Feed Tasty videos and thank you Tip Hero recipe videos, you have made cooking look simple and fun. You have managed to awaken the little cook inside me.

I cooked once this week and had a lot of fun doing so. I believe this is something I would like to keep trying. (I’ll let you know if I make anything amazingly good and will go into more details later in another post about my relationship to cooking and why I’ve been so hesitant to learn).

first cook
This is the meal I proudly cooked:       One Pot Beef Stroganoff

Greener Grass…

So, I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I feel like something’s missing and I can’t get a hold of it. This week I decided to do something about it.

I know I’m usually chipper whenever I have something to look forward to. Something to work for. So, I’m coming up with a plan: a little project I’ve been revisiting off and on over the years and have never really made it a reality. I hope this time I’ll follow through.

Remember, life’s about giving yourself second chances. Not beating yourself up if you can’t follow through on your plans. Go ahead, try it again! Or even, try something new!

This week, I’m changing my perspective. I’m picking myself up and starting anew. I’ll let you know how I did by the end of the week. But, so far so good…greener grass

“Yes, and…”

Every Monday I like to post a short but inspiring quote. Something that’ll make us think, be grateful or simply push us to start the week off right.

Lately I’ve been finding myself in conversations where I don’t feel I’m being heard and the other person is simply having a one-sided conversation.

I remember a game I once played in my Improv class: While sitting in a circle we were going to create a story. Every person, in turns, would say a sentence to continue the story to the person sitting beside them. The key to this game was that you would start your section of the story by saying “Yes, and…”.

At first we weren’t really sure the impact it would have. Afterwards though, reflecting on the game, we noticed how those two words acutally made us feel heard. It was a way of saying “I hear you. I acknowledge what you’re saying. I accept what you are saying.”.

I try to apply those two little words in my everyday whenever I talk to somebody else and have found it works.

HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU ALL!12734163_10156592932205253_6978738966651593725_n

Third time’s a charm…

So 2016 has rolled in and a month has gone by. This is my second attempt at blogging. (Second attempt in which I actually started a blog: set up a title, url, design, and started writing in it). I won’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve wished on having a blog and was too scared to even commit to a name, let alone write an entry for it.

But, this year I went for it. Will it be any different? I hope so. Why do I think I’ll be able to succeed? For several reasons:

  1. I’ve set small attainable goals. Write at least one entry a week. Don’t stress on sticking to one subject for my blog. An entry can be a photo or review of anything. Too easy you think? Too scattered? Could be. But if it works for me, then I’m sticking to it. I’m confident it shall bend and mold into something I love. As Gretchen Rubin said: “Take yourself less seriously – and take yourself more seriously.” So, I shall not aim for a Pulitzer, I shall just make my wish a reality.
  2. I’m concentrating on making myself happy. Why not write about it? I find that whenever we reflect and make it a point to remember (jot down) whatever it is that made us happy we somehow make it last longer by reliving the moment and preserving it on paper (or, in my case, the internet).
  3. I wish to improve my writing. On several occasions people have told me I’m a good writer, that I express myself fairly well whenever I write a post, offer a comment, or write a little note. Well, this is my attempt at improving that little gift I am now acknowledging. After all, practice makes perfect.

So if you’re here reading me: Welcome. I hope that whatever this blog turns into is good for you and you find it enjoyable.